Sunday, August 26, 2007

school's back in session and it's always hard for me to really feel like it's a school year until it's some time in october and it's not 100+ outside with 1000% humidity and you feel like you are going to pass out at any minute.

oh...i have so much work to do and i need a vacation badly so hopefully i'll get to experience something that feels like a vacation while at the austin game dev conf in a week? and october scares me because thanks to timing...i'm likely to be at my worst and given how bad things are right now...yeesh. maybe they could just hook me up to a morphine pump?


Mo said...

coming back here for school has been a total mind fuck so far. i miss the friends i made in germany a lot lot lot, and i miss rian a lot more than that. :/

plus, english all the time, the way professors and students are here in class... its very weird. plus i dont have lots of people i know in my classes because i am basically a year behind. :/

when are you leaving for austin? maybe we can meet up before then.

matt said...

hey michelle!

we're three hours from austin (by car), but if you're looking for some vacation time, swing through houston...on second thought, austin is much more hip...

matt (mtittle at uuma dot org)