Wednesday, December 27, 2006

me on npr in a story on game accessibility for the blind on xmas eve...meanwhile in non-radio life i tried to ignore, well, everything around me.


Mo said...

omg its like you always start out your spiels!!! like how all of the sudden anything can go wrong!!

is the sonic racer the one at gdc??

ehehhehehehe!! youre on npr!! exciting :D

heheheh!! yayyayay that was super :D

VRGirl said...

that's true...i do write that way. mainly because it seems that any second now some other forgotten shoe is gonna drop or come crashing through my window and hit me in the face (maybe that's how i got that bruise?). or maybe i just notice it's almost like cringing when i found out something good because i know something hugely fucked up is about to be revealed.

sonic racer's a different one -- drive was the one at last year's gdc. but we'll show sonic at a session this year...we have FIVE sessions for GDC...oy...