Tuesday, November 21, 2006

in canada, i'm famous.

that being said...in illinois? i mean wtf does it take for the university to fucking put this on their homepage? yes, the "university" is "my father" blah blah fucking blah. call freud up next time and he'll explain it all. or, i guess, channel freud, being that he's dead and all. anyway this is the interesting bit -- accessibility gets more attention from industry than academia. there. i said it. i'm really starting to believe it more and more every day.

and that being said...i hate having to post narcissistic things to bring attention to the field. you'd think i were religious from the way that i have an anxiety attack when i do anything that smacks of pride. so that last bit about illinois? i feel like an asshole for saying "hey, wtf -- is anything i do good enough for you people?" and by "you people," i'm referring to the university administration...not individual departments. instead...i get a dramatic email about how i'm "just a grad student" from them. that is true...but i am also NOT a teaching assistant. maybe they could have emailed me to get the right department to verify this bit?

and that being said...i moved all my books to the creepy col wolfe building so i am now forced to work there. it reminds me of the office christine and i shared back in the ncsa days in CAB...it *is* just around the corner. and that's probably a good thing.


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Mo said...

that was a really great article. i especially loved the last line :D

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh im really not lovin uiuc at the moment... its nice to see something totally different.