Monday, October 09, 2006

in london ontario where it seems to be a post-industrial crash flint michigan crossed with champaign-urbana...kinda. it's definitely a college town, apparently one of the largest universities in canada is the university of western ontario. but a lot of the reason for the desolate downtown, i imagine, is the fact that today is canadian thanksgiving so the only restaurant open was at my hotel and a pricey $35 (canadian) for a swanson's tv dinner...ok, it wasn't that bad. but it wasn't that good either.

it seemed that people seemed uncomfortable by my having a table for one but fuck it. i mean it's not like i'm not used to having thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant...and it's not my thanksgiving anyway (we, however, in the states are *celebrating* columbus day...). but, you know, it was no big deal for me and there's no way i was paying room service charges. christ.

i've mapped out pharmacies in the local area and i really don't think i'm gonna have a problem getting the canada-only cramp meds...


Mo said...

whats goin on in canada?
the first full day i was here in darmstadt was the day of german reunification, but it rained all day so i didnt go out. plus i was pretty tired.

VRGirl said...

the futureplay conference in exciting london ontario! :)