Wednesday, September 06, 2006

pfft. i'm declaring this week the winner, which means i'm the loser. between room scheduling not going in my favor, to my brain feeling like it's totally melting down, from somehow not being able to communicate anything to anyone, to yet another semester starting where nothing is going any way that i would have thought...i'm about to quit. yeah, let's hear it...i'm about to quit.

you know when you are so in over your head that delegating work would mean more work and more hours for you and therefore more trying to catch up on other things that fall behind as you are trying to get things off your plate? do you know that place? it's 1000% annoying and it seems that all you accomplish is somehow pissing people off...

to the lady at the grocery: that was a cool trick you pulled when you let me go ahead of you in the lane that just closed only i couldn't see it yet. then the guy says "this lane's closed" so then i see that the damn light is off so i go into the next lane (2/2 remaining) and stand behind you, lady. then they suddenly reopen the closed lane, you shove past me (and i mean shove past me) so that you get to the lane first and i'm just looking at you, kind of amazed and yet not at all surprised that you didn't bother to say excuse me or whoa i forgot to pick up my kids or something, whether it was true or not. oh -- and nice "go chief" shirt you were wearing.

pfft. no, i'm not about to quit, really. i'm just more than a little tired of everything right now, including the latest family situation...which really isn't a just, well, isn't.

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Mo said...

you cant get an assistant?