Sunday, August 20, 2006

Multimedia message

1962...and the pill looks just the same...

and this is much less exciting than you think it's a photo of the american classic "pamprin" that i just took because my period started early ('s good to hang out with 100's of females for a week...sync-ing...) to go along with the 800mg of advil i took that didn't work...i had this weird feeling that it was going to start early on friday, the last time i could have gotten a refill on painkillers from my doctor...the way things are going right now, i should be arriving at the er around, oh let's say 8ish? maybe l will be there and i can give her those surveys again to fill out? hahaha. even in pain i still think of all the shit i have to do.

but it'd be much fun if that pamprin was more like some other drug that it looks like...feed your head.

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Oberon said...

.......oh crap.....i forgot what i was gonna say......what was your question again?