Sunday, July 09, 2006

Multimedia message


go figure where i'm at? fucking starbucks at piccadilly circus. i have one of those t-mobile hotspot accounts that used to work at borders and now that they have switched to selling seattle's best coffee they've also stopped with the wifi. anyway...after two calls that probably resulted in about 10k pounds of charges, i got the damn thing working over here and i'm plugged into the wall so my laptop has power and i'm probably the only person in the uk who is working before noon on a sunday, on the day of the last world cup game. but what the hell...there's nothing else open and i *do* have to finish updating my presentation.

i could go out and take pix...but i'm so jetlagged and many more pix do i need of piccadilly, you know? but i took a phone photo, just for you.

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Mo said...

thanks for the photo :D

i still dont even have a flip phone yet... or one with a color screen! not that i really need one.

about the fleas.. ew. fricken ew.

when i told my german teacher that i was going to study abroad in darmstadt for a year and that we should meet up (she takes an exchange every other summer) she was telling me about all the places we stayed that now have bedbugs, which is apparently a huge problem in europe... thankfully i will have my own apartment :D

i do want to travel but i guess ill just have to bring some raid, if they sell it there. or just some ddt.

good luck with everything in brighton. still getting (and reading most of) the sig's emails. i wanted to go to that live meeting but things got kind of busy at work...