Friday, October 08, 2004

ok, so i'm back on my feet, lalala...well, that's not really true. right now i'm sitting on my ass writing this. my office smells like some kind of perfume/aftershave bizarreness and i'm wondering what the hell happened in here last night after i left. better not to ask, better not to know i'm sure. and it's raining out. and it's friday. and i got up way too early. and c was confused at the role reversal. and there's another debate on tonight. and what can i say really?

so the funny thing about the fentanyl the speed in which it knocks you to z-land. i mean i don't even remember counting backwards before the surgery. but i remember everything about waking up, including the fact that i JUST COULDN'T SEEM TO SHUT THE FUCK UP no matter what i was saying, how annoyed the hospital staff was getting, and how many other post-op patients were getting up thanks to my encouraging them to wake up, join the party. dr b says "ah you're a funny drunk." mmm. something along those lines. but anyway you know that reality show on a&e, i think, called american casino? turns out some guy on that show died of a fentanyl od, apparently taking it for recreational reasons and when i learned that i was like, what, did you think you might have random surgery that night? and i know that's not nice, bad me, bad me...but seriously...i almost said "well, i guess he's stronger than me because that stuff completely knocked me out for surgery, i can't imagine taking it for FUN..." and then i remembered...oh yeah...i guess it knocked him out too.

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