Saturday, March 30, 2002

this dissertation is brought to you by mastercard ("master the possibilities" (tm)) and by the letters f, u, c, k, e, and d.

seriously, it's going well now...but damn i'm super broke. i'm no longer answering the phone if the call says "out of area" because i'm now avoiding the bill collectors like mad. thank you illinois state budget cuts. i'm going to start selling my blood on ebay for cash. can you do that? wasn't there something about someone selling a kidney on there? oh it is. damn.

so we got this letter a few weeks ago from the u and apparently the last 15 or 17 students out of 19 to kill themselves here were all grad students. so they've put us all on "suicide watch" for one another. no, paying us more and giving us decent advisors wouldn't help. no, those things aren't to blame. WE, the grad students, are to blame for the suicides of our fellow students. fucking university...

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