Saturday, August 11, 2001

ok, so august didn't start out as much of a blog month. i was sick this past week...what can you do? all i can say is that the er in kirkland is pretty fucked up at 3am. talk of charcoal, pills, and headers down the hill...all while the security guards laughed and laughed. i *think* that i was the normal one in there that night. so there you go. context.

anyway, to catch everyone up...lucia and jesse were both in town and steve is coming into town next weekend. took lucia to dilettante's and jesse to coastal kitchen. it was good to see everyone but all the same kind of strange seeing everyone in a city other than chambana. of a new officemate starting next week are on the agenda now...ah...yikes.

one question: who exactly is that street dj on republican? like clockwork.

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